Lee Teuk Vows to Buy All ELFs Green Tea for Winning Golden Disk Award

Lee Teuk may have just made a very tough promise to keep. At the “26th GOLDEN DISK AWARDS” held in Osaka, Japan, Lee Teuk was asked to say a promise he would keep with the fans if Super Junior won the “Popularity Award.”

Lee Teuk playfully said, “If we win it for three years in a row, I’ll buy green tea for all the fans in the world.” Kara’s Gyuri, on the other hand, said, “I’ll shuffle dance on stage.”

After all, Super Junior was indeed named the winner of the “Popularity Award,” winning it for the third consecutive year since 2010. The group said, “Just recently we had a concert in front of 80,000 people. We’re so happy to win this award. We’d like to thank all the E.L.Fs in the world.”

We’ll keep you posted on how Lee Teuk keeps his promise!