KBS “1 Night, 2 Days,” What Do They Have in Store for Their Last Recording?

Five years is a very long period of time, even more so in the cutthroat variety show world. There are only a handful of programs that have lasted this long, and even less programs that have managed to keep their core format going for this long. (MBC “Infinity Challenge” perhaps being the only other program that matches this criteria). So when a program of such caliber is preparing for their final recording, then it’s something worth paying attention to. With KBS “1 Night, 2 Days” now in its final weeks, everyone is now focusing on how they plan to end the show, while paying respect to everything that the show has stood for during these past 5 years.

Currently the show has around 3 arcs left, which in terms of actual episodes is 6 episodes. Despite some minor bumps in the road during their 5 year existence, they have maintained a strong viewer base and have so far been the undisputed king of Sunday variety shows. So how does such a culturally significant show end? According to a brief telephone interview with media outlet “Star News,” KBS “1 Night, 2 Days” Main Producer, Na Young Suk PD, stated that “It will not be a regular recording. The recording will progress different compared to how we usually did it for the last 5 years.”

Their legacy will remain long after the show has ended.

Na Yong Suk PD continued by stating that “The staff are still deliberating about where to hold the recording for the last 3 specials, the recording locations are yet to be decided.”

As for the location for their last special, “It will not be a location that has any sort of special meaning behind it. We have received the love of viewers for the past 5 years and the members and staff have worked hard to bring the show to this point. We expect it (The last special) to be a special moment where we can look back over the last 5 years.”

No matter what the last special ends up being, KBS “1 Night, 2 Day” will always have a special place in the hearts of all viewers for years to come.