Kang Ho Dong’s Fan Site Runs Bus Ad to Support Kang Ho Dong

It has now been a few months since Kang Ho Dong’s unfortunate retirement from the entertainment industry. Yet his fans continue to support him through this difficult period, with their latest idea being to run a bus ad in support of their favorite comedian.

The buses in question

Kang Ho Dong’s fansite, Gang Ho Dong Dot Com, have recently paid to run a series of ads on Bus Route 7713, which runs from Shinchon to Hongdae in support of Kang Ho Dong. The bus ad contains the message “Kang Ho Dong! Please use your abundant energy to gift us with hearty and loud laughter! Slap Slap! (A reference to his old “Knee Slap Guru” program)”

This ad campaign was paid for completely by fans, who organised a funding drive to get enough funds to turn this into a reality.

The ads on the buses

There are a total of four ads running on the buses as seen in the picture above. The top one is stated above, while the middle one states “Kang Ho Dong, Please become the best again, Hey~ we miss you~ we want to see you again~.” The bottom left one states “Kang Ho Dong, We miss the sound of your laughter,” while the bottom left one states “Kang Ho Dong, you are the only one.”

On their site, they left this message explaining the reason for why they were running this ad campaign.

“Finally, after much waiting, our bus ad of hope has begun. We only have one wish! We desperately wish for the return of Hong Dong. It may only be three buses, but if we can just convey our feelings to him then we think that this act of support will be worth more than the cost of the three bus ads. We hope that Ho Dong gets encouraged by this and returns back to us. We wait endlessly with all our hearts for Ho Dong.”

The Ad will run from January 10 to February 9 on three buses running the 7713 route. With recent rumors saying that Kang Ho Dong’s return may perhaps be sooner than expected, we may not have to wait long before we get to see his smiling face on TV again.