Freaky Fan Messages to Nichkhun Prompt JYPE to Issue Warning

The advent of social networking sites like Twitter has made it easier for stars and idols not only to more quickly and effectively reach their audiences, but more importantly to forge closer ties to their fans. However, with celebrities in seemingly easy reach, has Twitter also become a channel for harassment?

JYP Entertainment, through its official Twitter account (@JYPEOfficial) has issued a warning to a Twitter user Whit (@whit_toria) for inappropriate tweets to 2PM’s Nichkhun. JYP Entertainment has threatened to bring the matter to litigation if Whit does not immediately stop tweeting messages to Nichkhun.

Whit appears to be fan of the Khuntoria couple from “We Got Married,” made up of Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria. What prompted JYP’s warning was a series of repeated tweets to Nichkhun saying, “You can’t escape Khuntoria forever,” “You are Victoria’s husband. You are in Khuntoria. This is forever and eternal,” and “Khuntoria will last even after you die.”

JYP’s warning prompted an uncooperative stance from Whit. Thus far, there are no further developments on the matter.