NS Yoonji Explains Her Outfit Doesn’t Reveal Skin

Female soloist NS Yoonji provided an explanation for her outfit during her “Music Bank” performance since there were many questions and comments made about it.

On January 6, NS Yoonji gave a special comeback performance on “Music Bank” with her single, “The Reason I Became A Witch.” She wore a tight, black body suit with nude-colored stripes around her waist and legs, which made it seem like it was her own skin.

After the broadcast was aired, there were many comments posted on the “Music Bank” forums about NS Yoonji’s outfit. Therefore, NS Yoonji decided to take matters in her own hands and posted on her Twitter, “Did you see my comeback performance? I guess you were surprised by my outfit. It’s not my own skin!” She followed up by posting a picture of her grabbing the nude-colored part of her outfit, proving that it was indeed not her own skin.

NS Yoonji’s “The Reason I Became A Witch” is quickly gaining attention and popularity for it’s strong beats and it’s funky violin accompaniment. Her sexy performance is also becoming a hot topic as well.