Spoiler: Shin Se Kyung Makes Surprise Cameo in "High Kick 3"

Shin Se Kyung has made a surprise cameo in “High Kick 3,” where she shares a short romance with Yoon Kye Sang.

On the 75th episode of “High Kick 3” that was aired on January 11, Shin Se Kyung made a surprise cameo, playing a country girl who is about to immigrate to Taiwan.

In the show, Se Kyung was eating at a Chinese restaurant in Seoul when she realized that she forgot her wallet. When the restaurant owner got angry, Yoon Kye Sang stepped in and paid for her meal. Then, Se Kyung informed Kye Sang that she had no place to go so Kye Sang generously offered his place to her. Se Kyung said that she doesn’t mind sleeping in the kitchen or the halls and that she would clean and do laundry while she stayed. All night, Se Kyung prepared bone marrow soup and set up a breakfast feast for the whole family. She also prepared lunch for Kye Sang and washed Nae Sang’s underwear.

Kye Sang didn’t like that she was working so hard and told her to study instead. So he took her to the tutoring session with Ji Won and Jong Suk. Additionally, Kye Sang took care of Se Kyung when she was sick and he also gifted her with a red scarf so she won’t be cold when she goes out.

This short segment of romance between Se Kyung and Kye Sang was highly reminiscent of Shin Se Kyung’s romance with Choi Daniel in “High Kick 2.” At the end of the episode, Kye Sang is seen smiling, as he reads a letter from Se Kyung from Taiwan.