SNSD Beats Kara and Reaches 1 Million Album Sales in Japan

SNSD broke 1 million album sales! As we reported earlier on January 10, Kara and SNSD were both in the race of reaching a million album sales first. (On January 9 Kara’s “Super Girl” reached 586,400 albums while SNSD’s “Girls’ Generation” had 734,800 albums sold.)

According to Japanese Asahi News on January 11, “The Girls’ Generation album that was released on June 1, 2011 has reached 1 million album sales as of today.”

SNSD is now the second SM Entertainment act to reach a million album sales after BoA. Also, they are the first Korean “group” to reach 1 million album sales.

After SNSD’s “Girls’ Generation” album was released, it first reached number one on the Orichon charts for 13 weeks it remained in the top 10.

According to the Japanese press, “Girls’ Generation had sold 850,000 albums up until the first week of December. The repackage album has sold 150,000 copies. The amount of revenue made through the album sales is approximately $45.1 Million.