Kim Jang Hoon Thought MC Mong Was Going to Die

Singer Kim Jang Hoon sent fellow artist MC Mong on a trip to the United States in fear that if he didn’t take action MC Mong would soon die.

Kim Jang Hoon posted on his blog a few days ago that, while writing a heart wrenching letter about a young girl, MC Mong’s health had come to mind. Lately, Jang Hoon has been speaking out regarding the issues of mental conditions such as depression and panic disorders. That is when he took notice of his fellow artist MC Mong. To him, MC Mong had been exhibiting rather concerning signs.

“I had been writing to a little girl that had passed away tragically before her time when the idea came to me. I started to think about death and how precious life was.That was when, out of fear, I sent MC Mong with a good friend to America for a vacation.

A year ago, he rarely ventured outside. He was a prisoner, living inside of his house or the studio because of the daggers of violent criticism. To him, beinge alive really wasn’t living. As an outsider, it seemed to me that he had the classic symptoms of depression and even a panic disorder. I only know this because I had gone through something similar myself. So out of concern, I sent him on a vacation.

The way to judge the behavior of celebrities is to look at the individual and their emotions.

The celebrity could be found guilty by the standards of the law but continues to perform on stage. Yet, if a celebrity was found not guilty, the public feel that the celebrity’s action was wrong. In that sense the celebrity is still guilty, that is in the eyes of the public. I am able to understand the people who feel this way and criticize, on the other hand they are often times brutal, and I feel that they are right.

MC Mong has been confused by the response of the public, being stuck between the law and the public’s opinion. After going through the process of proving his innocence, he felt that he was obligated to serve in the military. During this time, he soon acknowledged his faults, understanding fully the individuals who had criticized him. Currently, he is still trying to figure out how to enlist in the army.

Some wonder about MC Mong and my relationship and many ask how we became close friends. To tell the truth, prior to all this that has taken place, I had never officially met him. When I observed him during his time with MNET, I had become less interested in him, at that time I believed his growth in popularity began changing him.

Shortly thereafter, I had heard about him from mutual friends. They spoke kindly of him, saying that he always took care of those closest to him, in a monetary and emotional sense. What they said really took me by surprise. I believed he mustn’t be a bad guy. I was happy to hear this about him; I always thought that it was of utmost importance to look over those who had put their faith in me.

Since our friendship began, I hadn’t done all that much for him. I would do minor, little things, like bringing sushi over for Chuseok, paying for his drinks, or sending him away on vacation, similar to now. If people chose to criticize me upon hearing this, then I deserve it, as I have been stupid. I have taken advantage of those who had given me their love and support.

I explained to MC Mong that the only way to fix things were to think and reflect, to which he agreed. The only thing I felt I could do as his hyung, was to step in and shield him from, at the very least, a few of the hundreds of harmful rocks thrown in his direction. That is so he would have the chance to relax and breathe for a little while.”

In closing Kim Jang Hoon said, “Not long ago, I had heard Korea is ranked as the number one country with the highest rate for suicide; I get very emotional whenever I read the headlines about celebrities who have chosen to end their lives. I often think to myself, if only one person had stood by them, then perhaps the outcome may have been very different. As I type, there may even be someone out there calling for help at this very moment.

Over a year ago, as many are aware, I had admitted to having depression and even suffered from the symptoms of a panic disorder. I vow that I will work on ridding myself of this issue that I have been struggling with inside me, despite who may be watching. I am prepared for the criticism that I will receive upon writing my truest feelings, but I shall also accept the comments that are made.”

At times the opinions of the public can be extremely harsh and cruel. Even when a celebrity has been cleared of all charges, the public still remembers the violation. No matter how minor the infraction might be. It takes a lot to wash away the original charges from the public’s collective consciousness. Hopefully, those who criticize will think twice before doing so, since celebrities are also human. They have just been glorified by fans, the public, as well as the media as being these superior beings — when in actuality they feel and are vulnerable to illness and cruelty just like anyone else.

We wish all the best for MC Mong and Kim Jang Hoon. May they both find relief and overcome their recent personal struggles.