EXO Releases a New Teaser Introducing: Se Hun and Lu Han

A new teaser has being released today. This time, Se Hun and Lu Han are the main members in the video. 

In the teaser, we can see both members being in like an open field and then we can see a sun eclipse that it is about to ocurr. Expectations grow bigger since the last teaser videos, Se Hun’s yesterday and Se Hun and Lu Han’s today, are full of symbolism. Especulations grow regarding the day of their debut and the release of their music video.

People is starting to call on dates and meanings regarding the last two teasers. Maybe we will see EXO debuting soon? What do you think?

Check out the new teaser and pictures down below and stay tuned to soompi for more updates!



Se Hun



Se Hun and Kai



Lu Han



Lu Han



Lu Han