Kara’s Nicole Helps Promote the Film "My Way" in Japan

A picture of Nicole has spread across internet communities with the post “Kara Are Part-Time-Job Dols?” (The word “Alba” roughly means part-time jobs like newspaper delivery) In the pictures that accompany the post Nicole is shown wearing a staff tag that reads “My Way” in Japanese. She is shown wearing glasses and giving out flyers regarding the film.

On January 10, she was a part of the promotional event for the film. She helped out people during the event and also had a chance to speak on the stage of the promotional event as well.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Nicole looks like a female movie star,” “Her long hair is so pretty,” “I can’t believe they used Nicole as staff…” and “I want to receive flyers from Nicole.”

The film that stars Joe Odagiri and Jang Dong Gun will be released in 300 screen on January 14.