Han Chae Young as a Sexy Sleeping Beauty

Actress Han Chae Young’s sexy pose has become the latest news.

Han Chae Young uploaded a picture of herself posing seductively on Weibo (Chinese SNS) followed by the text, “I am so hungry but unable to eat so I slept instead in between photo shoots. The theme is Sleeping Beauty? I worked hard wearing this beautiful pink toned dress!” 

In the photo, Han Chae Young is wearing a see-through red dress paired with yellow heels creating an overall elegant atmosphere. Her pose of laying down on a sofa instilled sexiness and elegance.

She wrote on her Weibo, “I was so hungry but I ate and slept while going through the photoshoot! The subject was Sleeping Beauty? I am working hard while wearing a pink dress!”

Netizens who have seen the pictures stated, “It’s totally Han Chae Young,” “She’s really sexy,” “Korean Barbie Doll’s body,andIts sexy and elegant at the same time.

What do you think?