Jung Yeop Serenades on "SNL Korea"

Soulful vocalist Jung Yeop will showcase a smooth, melodious, live concert on Saturday night.

On January 14, Jung Yeop is set to appear as a musical guest and serenade to the female audience members on tvN’s “SNL Korea (Saturday Night Live Korea)” hosted by actor Kim Sung Soo.

For this broadcast, Jung Yeop will sing “I Didn’t Know” in his signature rich and mellow tone. On every episode, musical guests like Dynamic Duo, Kim Chang Wan, Kim Jo Han, and Jang Jae In were invited to perform.  These dazzling performances alongside the host’s passionate acting created distinctive, impressionable, fun, and unique stages. For that reason, there is a lot of anticipation on Jung Yeop’s special performance as well.

Jung Yeop reportedly told the production team that he “enjoys watching the U.S. ‘SNL’ and ‘SNL Korea’” so he was more than willing to participate when they contacted him to request an appearance.

Jung Yeop recently issued the statement, “Like on US’ [SNL], incredible musicians showcase impressive performances on Korea’s [SNL] stage, and I am happy to be able to stand alongside them on that stage.”

The musicians who have previously guested all made special appearance on skits portraying a variety of interesting characters and inciting laughter from the audience, therefore, naturally, the interests on what kind of different side Jung Yeop would show have sparked and grew.

Be sure to look out for the newest episode of “SNL Korea” on January 14 to see how Jung Yeop will cast aside his usual innocent and simple image in order to embrace the beauty of a live broadcast comedy show.