Ayumi Denies that Tweet Was Criticizing Hwang Jung Eum

Ayumi (Former member of “Sugar”) recently wrote on her twitter regarding “Sugar” and Hwang Jung Eum’s statements. On January 9 Hwang Jung Eum had appeared on “Star Life Theater” and stated that she disliked being called and being associated with the name “Ayumi and the kids.” She stated that she disliked the way that she had lived during her “Sugar” days.

(Hwang Jung Eum)

Ayumi had originally wrote on her twitter in the early hours of January 12, “Your mouth is there not to swear and curse other people. Say thank you, sorry, and I love you. You look a lot more prettier if you do.” She also wrote in Japanese, “Instead of criticizing other people, if you say good things one wants to kiss those lips. I want to look at eyes that say the good things about people instead of the bad.”


Then around 2PM on January 12, Ayumi wrote on her twitter “After reading the article I was shocked. The misunderstandings and lies I hated to hear had become reality in an article. I feel so sorry towards Sugar fans that have always cheered us on.”

Ayumi also wrote, “I did not mean to talk about Hwang Jung Eum in my previous tweet. Sorry for making you worry. Bow.”