Edward Kwon Donates Drama Paycheck to UNICEF

Edward Kwon will be appearing on the weekend drama “Banquet of the Gods.” There he will appear as a restaurant chef. However, all of the payment he is receiving for appearing on the drama will be donated to UNICEF.

Edward Kwon has had a track history of philanthropy. He also donated all of the profits from his cook-book, and different gala events.

The drama “Banquet of the Gods” will have 32 episodes. The story is about two females who are tied together through fate. The subject of the drama will be Korean cuisine and the story will involve a Korean restaurant.

Edward Kwon is a celebrity chef who appeared as a judge on “Qualifications of a Man” for the ramen competition. In South Korea he has done a lot of high-profile activities: culinary ambassadorships, authoring cook books, hosting radio and TV shows.