Go Ara Is the Next Ha Ji Won?

Go Ara takes a leap forward in her career as an actress with her role as a track and field athlete in the upcoming film “Pacemaker.” For her role, she was involved in highly physical activities, which earned her the reputation of possibly becoming the “Next Ha Ji Won.”

A still photo from the film shows the young actress in a scene where she is about to launch into a high jump, supported by wire harnesses. Reports say that Go Ara paid attention to showing athletic skills rather than merely a bright image in the film. She trimmed her weight and observed how national athletes dedicated themselves to harsh training by spending time in Taerung Village, the national athletes’ camp.

“Pacemaker” is about a runner, played by Kim Myung Min, who challenges himself to run a full marathon for the first time in his life, after years of running only 30 km in support of another star athlete. The movie opens in cinemas on January 18.


Video credit: mayries13@YT