Why KBS “Brain” Won’t Extend? Because of “Dream High 2”

KBS drama “Brain” is currently the highest rated TV drama on Mondays and Tuesdays. And with only two episodes left, fans have been wondering if KBS had any plans for an extension (it’s pretty common in the Korean drama industry to extend a drama series if the ratings are extremely high).

This is the first time KBS has topped the Monday-Tuesday night drama battle in a long time, so it would make perfect sense to extend the show for another few weeks. But KBS has made it clear they would not add more episodes to “Brain.” Why?

Because of “Dream High 2.”

The highly-anticipated drama “Dream High 2” is scheduled to premiere on January 30. Once “Brain” ends on January 17 as scheduled, KBS will air its special programs the following week, which is the Lunar New Year holiday. The week after that is January 30. If “Brain” decides to extend it, then “Dream High 2” would inevitably have to postpone its airing. For a show that heavily relies on its idol cast and teen viewers, it’s a high risk because they won’t be able to take advantage of the winter vacation, when traffic from teen viewers naturally grows.

Just like its first season, “Dream High 2” is a drama that needs the teen viewers to succeed. The cast is mostly comprised of idol stars and the plot runs around an Arts High School, creating an easy link with the teen fans. Therefore, it would be most beneficial for “Dream High 2” to air during the winter break. For example, the original series of “Dream High” aired from January 3 to February 28 last year, which is exactly the period of most winter breaks at schools in Korea.

When questioned by local media, KBS reaffirmed its stance on this issue, saying, “’Brain’ did not consider any type of special extension. Because of many factors, including the next drama series, we’ve decided to end the drama after 20 episodes.”

Smart move or bad decision? Do you agree with KBS’s decision?