Nine Muses "We Are Sick of Being Called Model-Dols"

Girl group Nine Muses, who debuted in August of 2010, was instantly a hot topic due to the fact that most members used to be models. However, this attention became a barrier for the girls to overcome in order to truly receive recognition as artists. Many people viewed Nine Muses as “that model group with the nice bodies,” instead of musical artists.

For the past two years, Nine Muses had to fight against that certain “model prejudice.” Their debut track, “No Playboy” did not do so well. Their follow-up track “Ladies” also did not bring in the expected amount of interest. At the time, the broadcasting companies harsh rules on girl groups and showing skin were at it’s height but also, the girls of Nine Muses just didn’t catch the people’s eyes.

Nine Muses returned last August with “Figaro,” and slowly, they began to receive different reactions. “Figaro” was composed by Sweet Tune, who composed Kara’sHoney,” and “Mister,” and showed off a trendy sound with catchy dance moves and a colorful, retro theme. And finally, Nine Muses shows off their newest track, “News,” which is also composed by Sweet Tunes.

During an interview with Sports Donga, Nine Muses said, “We believe that it was all a remedy for us to be acknowledged as a unique group.” They continued, “We felt really good. We even heard ghosts while we were recording (there’s a myth that if you hear a ghost during the recording process, that song will be a huge hit). We worked so hard during the shooting of the music video that Euaerin even hurt her hand and bled. Furthermore, it’s the year of the black dragon and two of our members (Eunji, Euaerin) were born in the year of the dragon.  There are lots of signs that say that we will do well this year.”

Another reason for their confidence is their new member, Kyungri. She not only has exceptional singing and dancing skills but has a bright and energetic personality that livens the mood. She prepared to join the group since they were performing “Figaro” last year.

The girls of Nine Muses admitted, “We finally realized that we are one team.” It was hard for them to get used to doing things together because they only worked as individual models before. They also had to face with discouragement because their pre-debut hopes and expectations were at one time, broken. Also, they had to overcome the prejudices that fell on them every time they stepped on stage. Through all of these obstacles, the girls learned to bond and unite as one team.

Nine Muses concluded the interview by saying, “The words that hurt the most were, ‘They should’ve just stuck with modelling.’ But now, we want to stick out as artists. We want to create a ‘Nine Muses dance.’ We have many female fans. I don’t think our male fans express their affection for us much. We will work harder so that our male fans can confidently say that they like us.”