Comedian Jung Hyung Don Shows Off His IU Transformation

Comedian Jung Hyung Don is garnering attention for his IU transformation.

The comedian created laughter by dressing like IU on MBC “Weekly Idol – Girl Idol Edition,” where he is currently an MC.

Jung Hyung Don—who previously revealed his fandom for IU in the past—reminisced the singer’s second album jacket by wearing a pigtail wig, identical dress, and stockings. Not only did he mimic her appearance, he danced perfectly to her song with cute expressions.

The shooting had to momentarily go on break after co-MC Defconn also transformed into his favorite girl idol—Sohee from Wonder Girls—causing the staff burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, the ranking for “Best 10 Girl Idol Transformations Comedians Attempt” was revealed. Idol groups Wonder Girls, T-ara, Secret, A Pink, and B1A4 contributed to the survey.