f(x) Third Year As Models for "Chicken Mania"

f(x) finished the photoshoot for their paper advertisements of “Chicken Mania.” f(x) had several different concepts such as summer vacationing, Olympic cheerleaders, uniform delivery, and starting their own business. Even though the photoshoot for the advertisement was very long it is being said that the girl kept an upbeat attitude and were very bright.

Currently f(x) has been the models for “Chicken Mania” since 2010.

A representative of “Chicken Mania” stated, “Last year, ‘Chicken Mania’ entered into the industry and has become a leader. We believe that the main reason behind this is f(x). In 2012, f(x) and ‘Chicken Mania’ will try to grow together while keeping a good harmony. We believe that they will aid us in brand imaging and also increasing our profits!”