Wonder Girls Appears at the 2012 CES for Samsung and Monster Cable Booths

On January 11, U.S. time the Wonder Girls appeared at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). They made an appearance alongside JYP, Nick Cannon, and the School Gyrls. The Wonder Girls were at the Samsung Electronics Booth and Monster Cable booths.

JYP and the Wonder Girls had the opportunity of introducing the MV for their new single “The DJ Is Mine.”

The music video was displayed at the Samsung booth through Samsung displays. At the Monster Cable booth they celebrated the launch of “Diamond Tears” which is JYP’s new line of headphones. (Monster Cable and JYP Entertainment have been a part of an alliance of sorts)

The Wonder Girls’ U.S. TV movie, “The Wonder Girls at the Apollo” will air through cable TV channel Teen Nick on February 2.