Lee Min Ki and Kara’s Kang Ji Young’s Cute Couple Look

Recently, a couple of pictures featuring actor Lee Min Ki and Kara member Kang Ji Young surfaced on an online community board. These pictures have been garnering attention for their cute couple look.

Lee Min Ki and Kang Ji Young are seen wearing matching olive green military jackets with dark gray shirts. The first picture shows Lee Min Ki listening intently to a smiling Kang Ji Young, while the second picture shows his arm around her shoulder. At first, these pictures aroused suspicion and had netizens wondering whether the two of them were dating.

However, it was later discovered that they had been together to film an advertisement for an apparel brand.

Netizens commented, “If they had been a real couple, I would’ve cried,” “But they look good together,” and “I really thought they were dating.”

They do look good together! I am digging Lee Min Ki’s cute poofy hairstyle.