"Dream High 2" Releases New Poster Featuring Two New Members

Upcoming drama “Dream High 2,” the highly anticipated sequel to last year’s hit “Dream High,” finally unveiled its entire cast. Earlier today, CJ Media released a new poster for the drama. “Dream High 2” has built up hype by keeping quiet about two other cast members that will be part of the group “Eden” in the drama. The released poster has drawn a lot of interest because it features rookie actors JB and Key East Entertainment’s Park Seo Joon, the two members who have been veiled until now. The top four in the poster – SISTAR’S Hyorin, JB, Park Seo Joon, and T-ara’s Ji Yeon will play the Korea’s best idol stars, while 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon and Kang Sora at the bottom will play the two knucklehead music students.

JB plays JB, a perfectionist and talented idol, while Park Seo Joon takes on the role of Si Woo, a good-looking, devilish idol who can easily make a girl’s heart flutter with his killer smile. Park Ji Yeon plays Lian, a member of the popular girl group Hershe, who also aspires to one day be the “Queen of the Cannes Film Festival,” but lacks the acting ability to do so. Hyorin’s Nana has a natural talent for singing and a very cool and relaxed personality. Kang So Ra takes on the role of Shin Hae Sung, an awkward student from an unfortunate background who learns music solely through books and writing. Lastly, Jin Woon plays Jin Yoo Jin, a troubled student, who’s full of himself, aspiring to be a rock star

Park Jin Young will reprise his role as one of the teachers at Kirin Arts High School, which is in dire financial situation and in danger of shutting down. The second season will showcase the fierce music/dance battles between the top idol stars, who are about to have nervous breakdowns, and the school’s troubled students. The upcoming drama also stars Ailee, After School’s Gahee, Kim Ji Soo, Choi Yeo Jin , and others. 

“Dream High 2” will air January 30 on KBS at 9:55PM KST.