WGM’s Lee Jang Woo’s Father is a…

Glorious Jane’sLee Jang Woo is garnering a lot of attention because of his father. It’s been reported that his father is a professional soldier. Before he retired, he was a Brigadier general is the Republic of Korea Army. In fact, his make-believe wife, T-ara’s Eunjung, had called Lee Jang Woo “general” on numerous occasions in “We Got Married (WGM).” Little did she (and the rest of the viewers) know that he actually was the son of a real general.

Close friends of Lee Jang Woo in the industry said, “Unlike his peers, he talks very formally, like a soldier. We were curious and asked him why, and he told us that his father was a professional soldier.”

Among his friends, Lee Jang Woo is known as the “Energetic Boy,” who’s very sociable and likes to hang out with his friends. His friends also revealed that Lee Jang Woo is very competitive when it comes to sports and hates to lose.  

Meanwhile, Lee Jang Woo successfully wrapped up his drama “Glorious Jane,” co-starring Park Min Young and Chun Jung Myung, and has recently been cast as the new MC for KBS “Music Bank,” along with After School’s UEE