"K-Pop Star" Michelle Lee’s Impressive Resume

Michelle Lee is currently participating and being recognized for her amazing vocals in SBS “K-Pop Star.” But recently, it has been brought to light that she has recorded songs for a project album, under the name “Michelle.”

Last October, seven songs from her self-titled album “Michelle Disco Michelle” was released. These songs can now be found on YouTube and a variety of other music sites.

The song, “Show Me Baby” (listen below) is particularly popular in enticing listeners on YouTube because of its fun, club beats mixed with Michelle’s powerful vocals.

Lee Chi Woo, the producer of Michelle’s project album, recently issued a statement with Star N saying, “I was creating some samples for a project overseas when I discovered Michelle’s video online, so I called her.”

He continued, “She is a talented individual who deserves her spot in the audition program she’s currently taking part of. She was not signed into the company, nor did she sign any other form of contracts. She has only taken part in the project album as a vocalist.” He stressed, “This album was only meant for the overseas market, and can count as an experience. Therefore, there should be no problems or issues regarding her participation in the audition program.”

Netizens, who have heard this news, commented in a variety of different ways. Some include, “No wonder she is so talented,” “This song is really good!” and “She was only participating in the album, I hope this [information] doesn’t jeopardize her in any way.”

Michelle’s impressive resume doesn’t stop there. A video of her participating in “I Am A Singer” as one of the chorus members for singer Jo Gwan-wu has surfaced. During the time, Michelle was working as a vocal trainer for a music school while also participating as back up chorus. Screen captures of her appearance on the show has also been uploaded onto the school’s website.

Michelle Lee is a strong contender for “K-Pop Star”, proving herself time and time again. Recently, on January 8, Michelle Lee created a group “秀Pearls”(pronounced SuPearls) with Park Ji Min, Lee Jong Min, and Lee Seung Joo and received great praise from the three judges.

Check out her song, “Show Me Baby” below!

 Song credit to kpopchannels