Lee Hyori Must Beware of the Curse of Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th is a widely known superstitious date supposedly thought to bring bad luck. People who believe in this superstition are especially cautious on Fridays of each month the 13th falls under. Some don’t drive, some are very wary of their surroundings, and some try not to go out all together.

Singer, Lee Hyori’s way of dealing with Friday the 13th was quite different. On the 13th, a fan tweeted Hyori, “I saw a tweet that said women with large breasts should avoid showering today because it is Friday the 13th. Unni, please be careful.

The fan was relating Lee Hyori, Korea’s glamour star icon, to the many voluptuous bodied actresses who were killed during the shower scenes in the movie “Friday the 13th“, therefore asking her to be cautious. 

Lee Hyori responded to the tweet with, “Hmm… I guess I should be careful” as if acknowledging the information in the fan’s tweet to be true.

Her twitter followers, who have read this tweet conversation, were highly amused at her response. They commented on her tweet with, “Are you acknowledging it?” “ Even, Lee Hyori’s witty answers are different” “Unni, be careful” and “I guess I can shower with a peaceful mind” and so forth.

It seems as though Lee Hyori has figured out how she will survive the curse of Friday the 13th. What are your thoughts on her response? How do you plan on “fighting” the curse?