Yubin’s Improved Body Line Captures Attention

Wonder Girls’ Yoobin has captured the eyes of netizens with her improved bodyline! In the Wonder Girl’s new music video “The DJ is Mine,” Yubin appears wearing a red tank-top and hot pants that show off her curves and confident swagger. While the other members are wearing one-piece outfits, Yubin is the only one who appears in a tank-top. 

Throughout the music video, she continues to show off her powerful choreography and flexible body. In particular, fans have taken special note of Yoobin’s killer abs and long and slender legs. And now the talk has turned to her diligent efforts to create her great abs, forearms, beautiful legs and overall excellent figure. 


Netizens who saw her new figure proclaimed, “I applaud her for her hard work,” “Her tan with those abs and glamorous body are very sexy,” and “Those abs are great.”

“The DJ is Mine” features a type of electronic dance music called “Dubstep” which originated in London. The song was released at the same time as the Wonder Girl’s TV movie “The Wonder Girls” in the U.S. and Korea.

What do you think of the music video and her abs?