Ex-Seeya Member Makes a Comeback with "Run”

Kim Yeon Ji, ex-member of the girl group Seeya, has made a comeback to the music scene with her newest single, “Run.”

Her album has been released on January 13, and is produced as part of the “M/Project”.  This project has been compiled together to put the focus solely on the artist and their music.  Kim Yeon Ji is the first artist from this project to take that spotlight.

Kim Yeon Ji initially put out a teaser video clip announcing her comeback couple days prior to her album release. It has garnered more than 50 million views, drawing the attention of many.

Netizens who have heard her teaser commented, “I didn’t know it was Kim Yeon Ji because she changed the way she sings,” “Kim Yeon Ji’s vocal range is always the best,”  “She has shed her old image as Seeya member Kim Yeon Ji,” and “It’s different.”

The title song, “Run”, features magnificent string instruments which blends beautifully with the emotional sound of the piano creating a soft ballad with addicting melody and tragic lyrics. The focus seems to be particularly on the different perspective of the way the lyric addresses a woman’s broken heart.

Kim Yeon Ji plans on continually showing different styles of music she has yet to showcase through the M/Project. Check out the MV below!