Is Your Favorite Star’s Company in an Office or a House?

From office buildings to residential homes, the look of management agency’s buildings have been a hot topic for netizens for some time now. Recently, the pictures of major agencies have been making the rounds on the Internet with the title “Idols’ Office Buildings.”

SM Entertainment's building looks like a regular office building.

SM’s building seems like a regular district office building

YG looks like a venture business building.

 YG Entertainment looks like a venture business

 Fans are getting a laugh out of offices that look like governmet buildings or just regular homes.

SM Entertainment’s building looks like a regular district office building. YG Entertainment looks like a venture business, and JYP Entertainment looks like a theater. However, Sistar’s Starship Entertainment and Girl’s Day’s Dream T Entertainment offices look a bit like regular houses. What do you think? Which do you like the most?

JYP looks like a movie theater. What's playing? The Wonder Girl's movie, of course!

JYP’s looks like a movie theater playing the Wonder Girl’s movie!

Loen looks like a bank

Loen looks like a bank?

Netizen left comments such as “YG’s looks really cool,” “SM’s really looks just like an office building,” and “You can tell which agencies are making money.”

Cafe? No, this is Cube Entertainment's office

Is this a cafe? No, it’s Cube Entertainment!

 Core's building looks more like a cram school than an entertainment agency

Cram school or Core Entertainment?

Small business or the headquarters of Star Empire? This isn’t a small business, this is Star Empire’s headquarters

Dream T looks like someone's house

Dream T (home to Girl’s Day) looks somewhat like a residental home

Starship's office looks like a nice villa

Starship Entertainment (Sistar) looks like a nice villa