Secret Song Ji Eun Reveals Teaser for "I Am Cold"

SECRET’s Song Ji Eun Released the teaser for the song “I Am Cold” which is a part of the OST for the “Take Care of Us, Captain” drama. The song will be released on January 18.


“Take Care of Us, Captain” revolves around the lives of people in the airline industry. The story revolves around Pilots and stewardesses. The drama adds in more realism and the set cost nearly $800,000 to build.

The female lead “Da Jin” (Goo Hye Sun) has the dream of becoming a pilot. The drama shows the different episodes that occur in her life as she pursues becoming a pilot. Her father who was also a pilot had to go through the hardship of caring about the passengers of a flight when Da Jin’s sister was born mid-flight while Da Jin’s mother had passed away during child birth. Da Jin meets another captain “Yoon Sung” and begins her journey of becoming a flight captain once again.