SNSD Parties it Up at a Karaoke

SNSD transformed into the Wonder Girls during a karaoke session. During SNSD’s show on JTBC’s “SNSD and the Dangerous Boys” they had a karaoke session and SNSD taught the boys how to party it up at karaoke.

For the boys that followed the rules, SNSD had a special “course” set up for them and the first stop was karaoke. SNSD sang their own songs like “The Boys” and the Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby.” It appeared like SNSD was releasing their stress because they were dancing and singing continuously.

However, during the prize “course” one of the boys are dropped. The full episode will be broadcast on January 15.

Personally I think it would be awesome if I had the chance to go to karaoke with SNSD, (I probably wouldn’t be able to sing out of embarrassment) What about you?