The Wonder Girls to Become a Group of Six with Sunmi?

Recently, a photo of the Wonder Girls, featuring Sunye, Yeeun, Yoobin, Sohee, Hyelim, AND Sunmi, has been circulating various internet portals, drawing a lot of hype about Sunmi’s possible return to the group. Titled “Sunmi with the Wonder Girls. Photoshop? Real?,” the photo looks credible as Sunmi is dressed in the same concept as the other girls. Her pose and expression blend in with the rest of the group as well. The photos were believable enough that fans began questioning her possible comeback.

A representative of JYP Entertainment announced, “The image is indeed a photoshopped photo by a fan. There have been no discussions regarding her return to the Wonder Girls. Sunmi has temporarily postponed her career, but she is still part of JYP Entertainment. Sunmi’s been training with other JYP trainees, and she may return as an actress or a singer.  Nothing has been decided yet.”