Secret’s Hyosung Scares Fans with No Makeup Photo

On January 13, Secret’s Hyosung scared her fans with a sweet message and photo!

“I’m heading back to Korea now. Who is that person in the photo that looks totally different from yesterday? Did you know? Today is Friday the 13th. And October 13, 1989, the day I was born was also a Friday. I don’t care about that stuff, but I might be a scary person,” Hyosung wrote on her Twitter.

In the photo, Hyosung is seen without any makeup, winking at the camera with an adorable smile. Her innocent impression is in stark contrast to her face on stage where she normally appears with heavy makeup on.

Netiznes who saw the photo commented, “I think she looks cuter with no makeup, “She looks like a middle school student,” and “Hyosung’s a scary person!”

Meanwhile, Hyosung was in Japan for the 26th “Golden Disk Awards.” Secret won the “Digital Bonsang,” alongside G.NA, miss A, CN Blue, K-Will, SISTAR, 4minute, and SNSD.