[Preview] MBC "We Got Married" – Jan. 14 Episode


Jang Woo♡Eun Jung: Jang Woo, the master at helping his wife

Jang Woo is enjoying a rest period after finishing his drama commitments. He transforms into a master at helping his wife. Jang Woo decides to do some work for Eun Jung, who is still busy as ever. What kind of work will Jang Woo be doing? Also what did Eun Jung do that causes her temporarily unemployed husband to feel sorrowful?

The couple end up having breakfast together. They have a healthy meal and are engaging in romantic conversations when they suddenly becoming very jealous of each other. What did they talk about that suddenly caused them to become jealous of each other?

Jang Woo takes Eun Jung to her recording set without any issues. Eun Jung is extremely tired and falls asleep; meanwhile Jang Woo quietly leaves her and goes off to do something. Where did Eun Jung’s temporarily unemployed husband go to?


Won Joon♡So Hyun: So-Won couple’s romantic winter

So-Won couple go out and enjoy a nice outdoor date for the first time in a while. They each prepare a present for each other in secret. What are their presents and what will their responses be once they each get their present?

During the end of year “Darling” special, Won Joon gifted his self-produced song “What are you” to So Hyun. How will So Hyun repay him? So Hyun acts really cute for the first time in her life, what will So Hyun’s cute antics be like? And how will Won Joon respond when he sees such an unexpected parade of cuteness?

The highlight of a winter date, So-Won couple arrives at the skate rink. There is a fantastic mood there. And Won Joon has also prepared a very special event for So Hyun. What will this event be and how will So Hyun respond when she sees this event?


Lee Teuk♡Sora: The Sweet and Global(?) Recipe

Lee Teuk & Sora decide to make and eat spicy rice cakes at their new home. The couple make their very first meal together. How will their first spicy rice cake meal taste like? Then suddenly she makes an appearance, the master of spicy rice cakes, Korean-American Sarah Kang. Who really is Sarah Kang?

After they have finished eating their spicy rice cakes, the couple decide to massage each other. An unknown scream reverberates throughout the house. Lee Teuk & Sora also watch a TV program featuring Lee Teuk and the Super Junior members. The couple end up seeing the scene when they first met, before they got married. Now that they are a married couple, what will they be like and what kind of antics will they be showing us?

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