miss A’s Jia Just Wants Some Sleep

On January 12, miss A’s Jia posted a cute picture with the caption, “I wanna sleep~ Don’t be so loud. Have a good night.” to her Weibo account (Weibo is like a Chinese version of Twitter/Facebook).

In the picture, Jia is all ready to sleep as evidenced by her funny, sleepy looking eye mask, yawn and pajamas. Next to her is fellow group member Min, who’s face is covered by her bangs, and she looks a bit scary…like Sadako from “The Ring.” And to the right of the picture is f(x)’s Amber, who’s sticking out her tongue and lower lip to make big lips.    

Some of the comments that were posted online include, “Taking some funny pics before bed?” “Hurry to bed sleepheads,” “Where’s the girl group image?” and “Very cute.”