Goo Hara Shares More Photos from Surprise Birthday Party

After sharing a candle-blowing photo earlier today, Kara’s Goo Hara has updated her Twitter with more photos from her surprise birthday. The rest of the Kara members and all the staff on set apparently had prepared a special cake while filming a commercial.

“Ahh..Friday the 13th..I’m working on my birthday but our staff members prepared something for me. I’m so surprised!!!! They made sure I couldn’t come down…such a sensible surprise party! I’m spending my birthday like this today^___^ I’m so happy!” Goo Hara tweeted moments earlier.

She continued, “Our members… and everyone who congratulated me, thank you so much!!!! I’ll become a person who can continue to receive your honorable celebration for a long time!!”

Goo Hara was born on January 13, 1991. That means she turned 21 today. But where’s her boyfriend Yong Joon Hyung on this special day?