Who Wore It Better: Song Ji Hyo vs. Uee

Song Ji Hyo and Uee are garnering attention for wearing the same clothing.

The outfit that the two stars wore was a red toned long dress. The dress is made of a silk material and emphasizes the sexiness of the wearer’s body when worn.

Actress Song Ji Hyo wore the red toned long dress at SBS “Music Awards” back on December 29. Song Ji Hyo showed her bodyline by opening the buttons right up to her leg line. She also broke the “Don’t wear red clothing on the red carpet” rule by successfully displaying her sexy beauty.

Uee, on the other hand, was recently seen wearing the dress for the photo shoot of fashion magazine “Elle.” The January edition showed the singer with a Barbie doll concept.

Uee is lying on the floor to portray a doll not being able to move. She also opened her buttons from her neckline to display a simple and chic mood.

So what do you think? Who do you think wore better, Song Ji Hyo or Uee? Let us know!