G.NA Turns Into Princess Fiona

Singer G.NA shocked her fans as she transformed into Shrek’s princess Fiona.

On the episode of MBC’s variety show “Lulu Lala” to air on January 15, the sexy lady had to turn into the female ogre of Shrek as a punishment for losing in a game last week.

At first, G.NA was reluctant to transform into Fiona, but as soon as the green paint and make up was applied on her, she started enjoying it and even playfully put the paint on her face.

When the filming of the show resumed, she got into the part of the ogre female perfectly, shoving the chicken into her mouth, making noises and acting as an ogre.Lulu Lala cast members also praised G.NA, saying she still looked beautiful even with the green make up on her face.

G.NA’s shocking transformation will be broadcast on MBC “Lulu Lala” January 15, 5PM KST.

What do you think of ogre G.NA?