1N2D Season 2 : Who Stays and Who Leaves?

There have been many speculations as to what the future holds for KBS hit variety show “1 Night 2 Days.”

First, after Kang Ho Dong left because of the tax evasions issue, many said the show wouldn’t survive without its master. Then, after a few months, the show still managed to do well with a strong cast and the same
“like a family” image back when Kang Ho Dong was recording.

Then, fans heard another story. It was announced that the show would know a second season which was to be made without the original cast. Shortly after, we heard words of Uhm Tae Woong saying that he “would stay if Soo Geun would too.” A day later, we reported that the show would continue without a season 2, but as it is.

Yet, another news added to the confusion when actor Joo Won was contacted by KBS to join 1N2D.

So, what is to happen to the show we used to love?

It seems that apart from Lee Seung Gi, the original cast of 1N2D as well as the format of the show will remain the same. According to various sources, KBS is currently considering the addition of a new face and are looking for a replacement to fill Lee Seung Gi’s spot on the show.

There are many factors worth considering, such as the show’s format, to keep the same name or to go for a new one, and most importantly the cast members. Apart from Lee Seung Gi who will be busy with making a debut in Japan, it has been reported that the rest of the team members Uhm Tae Woong, Eun Ji won, Lee Soo Geun and Kim Jong Min will still be part of the program.

It is known that KBS has been approaching at least three celebrities, Kim Hyun Joong, Sung Si Kyung and more recently actor Joo Won.

However, there is something that isn’t quite definite. There is one member of the 1N2D team who didn’t give an answer as to whether he planned to renew his contract or not. And this is the unknown factor which might make the next step difficult.

The members of 1N2D stated that they wouldn’t come back for a second season if a certain member “A” wouldn’t stay. An acquaintance of said member “A” said : “The chances of him renewing for a second season are of 50/50 right now. He will meet with the production team soon and make his final decision.”

At the moment, KBS has been been very careful with revealing details of the negotiations and are afraid of the news of Lee Seung Gi leaving being misreported by the medias who would sensationalize it.

While nothing is definite for now, some things have began to take shape. Let’s wait and see.

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