New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 January Week 2

MBLAQ 4th mini-album – 100% Ver (released)


01 Run
02 It’s War
03 Scribble
04 Dazzling Girl
05 Hello My Ex

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MBLAQ returns this new year armed 100% with a fourth mini-album. Through the title track, “It’s War” along with the rest of the album, the boys are expected to show fans a strong image. It is said the title track was pre-selected a year and one month in advance.


Sunny Hill (maxi single) – The Grasshopper (released)


01 Bad Boy
02 Hide and Seek
03 The Grasshopper Song

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Sunny Hill has come before fans with unique concepts through “Midnight Circus” and “Prayer and has received much love within the past year. This time, the group has returned with a maxi single titled, “The Grasshoppers”. The title track is “The Grasshopper Song” which is based off one of Aesop’s Fables, “The Ant and the Grasshopper”. As the story suggests, this exciting dance number is about wanting to live like the carefree grasshopper without minding what other people think. It was composed by hit maker, Lee Min Su and penned by Kim Ina who are also responsible for hits such as “A Good Day” and “Abracadabra”.


Dynamic Duo Vol. 6 – Digilog 2/2 (released)


01 Go Hard!!
02 Check This Out!!
03 Without You
04 Innocent Prisoner
05 Misunderstood
06 Namsan Woman (feat. UV)
07 Be…
08 Art of Love
09 Outro
10 Art of Love (Primary Remix)

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Dynamic Duo releases part two of their sixth album, “Digilog” which marks their tenth anniversary in the music scene. As the album title suggests, the duo has experimented with both digital and analog sounds to create new music. The title track is “Without You”, a song with sophisticated beats and lyrics about a man missing the lover who has just left him. Also included in the album is “Namsan Woman” which has 90’s beats. It features UV, making the song all the more interesting.


Young Jun (Brown Eyed Soul) Vol.1 – Easy (Jan. 19)


01 Serenade
02 Whew
03 You Over Flowers (Original Version)
04 Forget
05 If It Was Otherwise
06 She
07 Snow Falling Night
08 You Over Flowers (feat. Simon D)
09 Farewell

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Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun comes before fans as the last member of the group to release a solo album. Through this album titled, “Easy”, the musician is able to show his skills as a solo artist. There are a total of nine tracks with the title track being “Forget”. His surprising soft vocals bring out the 90’s pop ballad style he has always wanted to try.


Clazzi Vol. 1 – Infant (Jan. 17)


01 Bad Girl (with Whale of W&Whale)
02 Love&Hate (with Lee Seung Yeoul/Rap MYK)
03 Where’s Dance (With JinSil of Mad Soul Child)
04 40 Nights (with Hyun Song & Su Ryun of Koxx)
05 Star Child (with Christina/Rap MYK)
06 We Changed (with Seul Ong of 2AM)
07 Can Only Feel (with Kim Wan Sun)
08 Loving You (with Jang Woo Hyuk, Hyuna of Urban Zakapa)
09 Sexy Doll (with Kota & Jubi of Sunny Hill/Rap MYK)
10 Crazy for Love (with Christina)
11 [Bonus Track] We Changed (Remix Version)

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The mastermind behind Clazziquai is none other than Clazzi who he has returned after four years with his solo album, “Infant”. There are eleven electronic pop music in the album, all of which features various artists such as 2PM’s Seul Ong, Mad Soul Child, Sunny Hill, and Whale of W&Whale. These musicians help bring different color and styles to Clazzi’s trendy songs, making it all the more exciting and anticipated by fans.


Wonder Girls (single) – The DJ Is Mine (released)


01 The DJ is Mine
02 The DJ is Mine (feat. School Gyrls)
03 The DJ is Mine (INST)

Wonder Girls releases a new single, “The DJ Is Mine” in preparation for their advancement into the American music scene. The song is of the dubstep genre with shuffle dance beats. The lyrics were written by Cri$tyle who has worked with Rihanna while the dance was choreographed by Beyonce’s choreographer, Jonte. Last but not least, the music video was directed by Ethan Lader who has also worked with Bruno Mars and Enrique Iglesias. Also included in the single is a version featuring School Gyrls.


Rainbow Pixie (single) – Hoi Hoi (released)


01 Hoi Hoi
02 Hoi Hoi INST

Rainbow’s sub-unit group, Rainbow Pixie comes before fans with their first single, “Hoi Hoi”. It has exciting beats as well as an addictive melody.  The girls’ pixie-like visuals along with their cute performance is expected to capture listeners under their spell.


Koyote (single) – Say the Same Words Again (released)


01 Intro
02 Say the Same Words Again
03 Goodbye
04 Say the Same Words Again INST

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Mixed group, Koyote returns after five month with a new single, “Say the Same Words”. The song was composed by the Brave Brothers and produced by Elephant Kingdom which is a part of the Brave Sounds Company. The trendy electronic sounds along with Koyote’s own color make this song danceable to. Also included in the album is upbeat dance track, “Goodbye”.


Nine Muses (single) – News (released)


01 News
02 News INST

After debuting last year with “Let’s Have a Party”, Nine Muses returns this year with their second digital single, “News”. This song showcases both the girls’ chic and sexy images with the help of the song’s cool lyrics. The group made their comeback on the 12th on Mnet Countdown and will promote this song on KBS, MBC, and SBS’ respective shows.


Kim Yeon Ji (single) – M/Project Vol. 1 (released)

01 Run Away
02 Run Away INST

Seeya’s Kim Yeon Ji participates in M Project’s first story this year with “Run Away”. Through this ballad number, the singer is able to shine as a solo artist. The addictive melody and sad lyrics tells a tale of a woman’s feelings after a breakup.


Other Releases:
GI – Expected Explosion (Jan. 16)
Poetry – Vol. 1 I Love You, Have No Hope (Jan. 17)
Bizniz – Strictly Bizniz (Jan. 17)
Apollo 18 – Red Album (Jan. 17)

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