Wonder Girls Become Teachers for a Day

On January 14, the Wonder Girls took time out of their busy schedule to visit a center that offers support to multicultural families in Seoul. With about 30 kids in attendance, the Wonder Girls became teachers for a day.

With help from the portal site “Happy Bean” and a calligraphy artist, they showed how you can use Korean letters (hangul) to express yourself. They also taught about interesting onomatopoeia like deong-shil deong-shil (dance joyfully), hwal-jjak (beam), and sandeul-sandeul (gently).

Yubin said, “These kids are our future and hope. It doesn’t matter where they came from or the color of their skin. The important thing is that we all live together.

The Wonder Girls chose to teach about hangul because they felt how special hangul was when performing overseas. Hyelim felt that Korean was a warm language that emphasizes affection, making her feel relaxed. Sohee added that while Korean may not be the children’s first language, she hopes they grow to love it as adults.

Hopefully more artists will continue to do volunteer work like this. It’s great to see artists reaching out to the local community.