MBC "Infinity Challenge" to Film in Dubai

A staff member from MBC’s Variety Show division revealed that “Infinity Challenge” and its members will head to Dubai at the end of February for filming. At the end of last year, the cast members worked a week of space into their busy schedules to make time to go to Dubai for the filming. February’s episode will be a continuation of their “Infinity Company” specials.

Infinity Challenge has so far aired 3 of these “Infinity Company” specials. The first one was in May, 2011 and involved the members going on a company outing. The 2nd episode was in October, 2011 and involved the various facets of office life, while the 3rd episode in the series aired on January 14, 2012. The “Infinity Company” Dubai Special will be about the employees of the “Infinity Company” going to Dubai for an overseas trip.

The MBC variety show staff member also revealed that “I have nothing more to tell you in detail besides the fact that we are planning to record in Dubai.” This will be Infinity Challenge’s seventh time filming overseas since 2007.

Netizen reactions to the news were expectant, with posters saying, “It looks like Infinity Challenge has spread throughout the world,” “Their overseas episodes are always good, I’m really looking forward to this episode,” and “Will they be able to successfully sell fermented bean paste and chamber pots this time (A reference to the 2nd Infinity Company Special).” What do you guys hope to see in this upcoming episode?