SNSD’s Sunny Reveals That She Misses Her Father

SNSD member, Sunny, had tears in her eyes as she reminisced about her father.

During the January 14 episode of KBS TV2’s “Invincible Youth Season 2,”  the G8 members: Sunny, Hyo Yeon, Amber, Suzy, Kang Jiyoung, Bora, Goo Woori, and Kim Ye Won appeared on the show along with their mothers. It was an emotional meeting between the members and their moms.

Each of the members revealed their feelings about family. Everyone expressed feelings of desire for home. Sunny opened up about her Dad, “I get to see my mom, though I’m unable to see my dad since he is overseas.” Lee Soo Geun attempted to comfort Sunny by saying, “You must really miss your dad a lot.” Sunny’s eyes filled up immediately as she shared her wish, “I do hope to see him soon.”

The whole episode wasn’t all about sharing their feelings as it was also a fun and exciting episode. The girl group members’ mothers came out and revealed a few of their daughter’s secrets on air.

It must be difficult for idols. They live such strict lives, far away from all those whom they cherish the most. So they can live out their dreams of spreading their love of music. Here’s hoping that Sunny will get to be reunited with her father very soon.