Hyori Talks About Her Calendar’s Revenue and Paparazzi Photos

KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” visited Lee Hyori at the set of her photoshoot and had broadcasted the episode on January 14.

During the interview Hyori talked about how she was still ‘relevant’ to the Entertainment industry and how she tries to use that spotlight for the good.

She said “Every time I post something on twitter, it becomes a news article signifying that ‘Hyori’s Effect’ is still going strong. Therefore, I need to do what is right [volunteering] so many people can take interest and join in”.

Hyori continued to say “Soon Shim is earning a lot of money. We’ve sold about 10 thousand calendars earning a revenue of roughly 100 million Won.” She jokingly added, “I think it’s because of me and not Soon Shim” creating laughter in the studio.

When asked about her personal life, she states, “I am really happy. There is nothing  to be not happy about” while giving a knowing smile, creating more of a buzz within the studio. The reporter retorts back with, “My mouth itches [meaning he is ‘itching’ to spill a secret]” causing another round of laughter.

Hyori also addressed issues regarding recent paparazzi pictures of her and her boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon, during the interview. She says, “I like taking pictures, but I am against [people] taking pictures without my knowledge.” She coyly adds “If I knew they were taking pictures, I would have told them to take it with me in a flattering light” bringing much hilarity to the studio.