[Update] Want to See T-ara on the Subway?

[UPDATE] It turns out T-ara went on the subway right after winning the #1 award on today’s “Inkigayo.” They went on the #5 line of Seoul’s metro and handed out signed CDs and rice cake to people on the subway. 

Members of T-ara promised that if they win first place for their new single, “Lovey Dovey” they will ride the subway train to their next schedule. They finally won #1 on SBS “Inkigayo” today!

T-ara’s new songs are typically really popular, many earning first place in a variety of music sites. However, they seemed to be not as lucky with broadcasted music programs because surprisingly, they have never received any 1st place trophies.

In 2011, “Roly Poly” garnered a lot of love and attention from both domestic and overseas fans. It was so popular, that it stayed in 1st place in online music sites for nine consecutive weeks, yet in the music programs, they were unable to win even once.

Therefore, T-ara’s members promised that if they win their first #1 place in a broadcasted music program, they will ride the subway to their next schedule in order to meet and thank their fans. They also promised a mini performance along with this event.

Fans who heard this responded with, “Starting today, I will start praying for you to win first place,”  “Incredible! I guess I have to start riding the subway more often,”  “I though about it, and you really have not won any first place awards.  I will cheer you on for your first win. Fighting,” and so forth.

Currently, T-ara’s member Eung Jung is acting in JTBC drama “Queen Insoo” and Ji Yeon is filming for the upcoming drama KBS “Dream High 2”. Hyo Min and So Yeon are currently preparing for their roles in a musical “Roly Poly”.  

We’ll keep you updated on when and where the subway ride will take place!