Park Min Young Rocking Her Couple Ring with Lee Min Ho?

On January 14, Park Min Young, posted a picture of herself on twitter with the text, “Ta da! See long haired Min Young after a long time. Bbyo Ro Rong~.”

In the picture, we no longer see the short haired Park Min Young from her recent dramas. Her short hair has been replaced by long brown locks. Her hair and her white, furry coat with the hood up, creates an altogether feminine and cute image.

Her followers responded to this tweet with, “Is it a wig? You look so pretty,” “You look good with long and short hair,” and “So cute!”

But the main focus on the photo seems to be on the ring. Through the mirrored image, her left hand (the hand holding the cell phone) proudly sported a thin white gold ring. (The fourth finger on the left hand is typically reserved for couple rings or wedding rings.) Earlier last year, Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho revealed that they were currently in a relationship. Therefore, it is natural to assume that the ring may be a couple ring with Lee Min Ho!

Netizens who noticed the ring on her hand commented, “Is it a couple ring?” “The ring catches my attention first,” and “She now belongs to Lee Min Ho!”   

What do you think? Is it a couple ring? Or just a fashion accessory? 

The adorable couple! (Photos from the drama “City Hunter”)