Who Wore It Better: Gyuri vs. Dana

KARA member Park Gyuri, and CSJH member, Dana, are garnering attention after wearing a cape coat of the same design. The cape coat that the singers wore conveys a tulip shape and portrays a lovely, young female image.

Gyuri was seen wearing the pink colored cape on MBC “Our Sunday Night – Lulu Lala” with a wavy hairstyle and her usual goddess pose. On the other hand, Dana wore the cape in a mint color on KBS “Drama Special Series Season 2 – Amore Mio” and showed off her cute and fresh charms.

Although it was the same outer wear, Gyuri styled the pink cape with short pants to show off a “no bottom” fashion while Dana outfitted her mint cape with black pants and black and white dot patterned inner wear.

Netizens and fans who saw the picture reacted with diverse responses: “I don’t know if it might be because of the color but it seems as if their beauties are shined by 4 light bulbs,” “They are glowing,” and “Very lovely.”

So what do you think? Who do you think wore better, Gyuri or Dana? Let us know!