Nichkhun Is Currently Filming a Movie

2PM’s Nichkhun will appear in a Thai film! JYP Entertainment stated on January 16, “Nichkhun will be a part of Thai film production company GTH’s 7th anniversary project. Nichkhun has been filming from early January up till now. Many are anticipating Nichkhun’s first try as an actor.”

The production company GTH is well known in South Korea due to films such as “Phobia 2,” “Hello Stranger,” and “Bangkok Traffic Love Story.” The film will feature the lives of three different stories about life and love.

Nichkhun will play a role that allows the main character to find meaning and love in life. Nichkhun stated, “My dream was to become an actor. I am trying my best because it is my first shot at acting. Every time we film I want to do better. I feel that it is very different standing in front of the camera as an actor. That is why I am striving harder. I hope to appear before the fans as a better actor.”

Nichkhun will finish filming and promotions at the end of January and return to South Korea.