YG Steals "Lee Ha Yi" from JYP

SBS K-Pop Star Audition contains true never-before-seen talent but the judges themselves give a lot of entertainment value. It is always fun to watch YG and JYP argue. On the episode that was broadcast on January 15 (Korean Time) the soulful middle school singer Lee Ha Yi caused strife between the two producers and CEOs.

The show has a unique “elimination system” called the “casting system.” The contestants teamed up and the three representatives of their agencies (BoA, YG, and JYP) choose whoever they want to cast and train for t자 weeks. It was YG”s turn to pick first and he wanted to cast Lee Ha Yi. However, JYP used his “Cast First” ticket to try to take away Lee Ha Yi.

YG laughed at the situation, and he picked up the microphone saying, “I have a ‘Cast First’ ticket too right?” To that BoA stated “Fight! Fight!” YG explained that he really didn’t want to fight with JYP so much but he “REALLY” wanted to cast Lee Ha Yi and train her for two weeks.

Later BoA and JYP both stated, “Wow YG is the beneficiary of this round.”

Check out the clip of her performance that made JYP and YG fight over her:

(She is the one on the left)