Lee Hyori to Comeback on Network TV?

Lee Hyori is currently in talks with SBS regarding a possible comeback to television as a new music show’s MC.

On January 16, an insider from the entertainment branch of SBS told Star News, “Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung are currently in talks about MCing a new music program. Nothing has been finalized yet, as they are still discussing the possibilities.”

The inside source continued to emphasize, “They are still at the discussion stage so the program title and time has yet to be decided” not wanting to reveal too much details.

Talks on Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung’s possible music program started last December.

At the time, a representative from Lee Hyori’s company said, “Lee Hyori received an offer to MC for a new SBS music program. We haven’t been told any details yet, so we are currently unsure on whether she will take the job.”

If she does take the role of an MC, it will be the first time she comes on broadcasted television after two years. The last time we saw Lee Hyori on TV was back in 2010 when she was promoting her album “H-Logic.” Recently, she did MC for MBC “College Music Festival” last year and was featured on a variety of entertainment news shows since then, but they were short and fleeting. This comeback, if all goes well, would be the first time she makes an extended appearance on TV.

More so, the fact that she might be MCing with Jung Jae Hyung, a close friend and popular entertainer/musician, also garners interest from the online community. Many viewers, too, have voiced their excitement on the duo’s comeback to television.

Do you think her comeback is too soon? Or are you as excited as I am to see Lee Hyori back on TV?

Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung hosted the MBC College Awards together in 2011