SNSD to Work with Won Bin for New TV Commercial

SNSD is set to promote the new LG 3D TV with actor Won Bin! On January 16, LG Electronics revealed that SNSD has been picked as the new face of the LG Cinema 3D TV.

LG Electronics plans to appeal to various marketing audiences with Won Bin and SNSD as their new main models. Officials of LG Electronics stated, “We plan to use the brand power of Won Bin and the globally-known SNSD to send out the image that ‘3D=LG.’”

“We want to upgrade the brand of our 3D TV through SNSD’s #1 image and position as the leader of Hallyu Wave. Just like the globally-loved SNSD, we will work hard to make the new Cinema 3D TV loved by more consumers,” an LG representative said in a statement.

SNSD has worked with LG Mobile in the past but it’s the first deal with LG Electronics. The commercial featuring both SNSD and Won Bin is expected to be unviled by the end of this month. Stay tuned for more updates!